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A new series of limited releases from Melvin coming at you three times per year, focusing on more sessionable, less-hoppy beer styles. Expect expertly crafted beers with complex malt profiles, subtle hop additions for balance, and just the right amount of fermentation time.

4 Beers

Pils Boutique

West Coast Pilsner 5% ALC/VOL

Back in 1989, a trio of New York rappers moved to the West Coast and created an album that evolved...


Miss Defy

Kölsch 5% ALC/VOL

Every March, the women of Melvin Brewing get together to brew a beer in celebration of International Women’s Day. The...


Chamber Music

Dark Lager 5% ALC/VOL

From the land that brought us the famous Pilsner, comes another beer style called Tmavy. This less heralded dark lager...



Robust Porter 6% ALC/VOL

As we combined all the juice from the mind, our brewers created this robust porter with roasted malt, oats and...