If Your Beer Is Not Madness, It’s Not Beer.

Whose world is this? The world is yours, yo, the world is yours. And so is this IPA, the newest addi­tion to Melvin Brewing’s core line­up — Your IPA, a futur­is­tic approach to a home­grown beer.

Ini­tial­ly, when mak­ing this beer, the idea was that we would be using Colum­bus hops as the defin­ing char­ac­ter. But then we had a realization…using lupulin pow­der is the lat­est hop tech­nol­o­gy avail­able glob­al­ly, increas­ing aro­ma with­out increas­ing per­ceived bit­ter­ness. Uti­liz­ing cry­opow­der in Your IPA will increase the every­day yield. Com­bined with using a more effi­cient cen­trifuge pro­duc­tion, we can pro­vide a bet­ter val­ue for you and your every­day IPA. This also allows us to give pro­ceeds of the beer to char­i­ty, so we’ve hatched a mas­ter plan…

Wel­come to Melvin Brew­ing! This is the begin­ning of your won­der­ful new, Kung Fu friend­ship between our brew fam­i­ly and all beer lovers alike. Talk of Melvin began on the West coast — but the heart of Melvin start­ed beat­ing in the small town of Jack­son Hole, Wyoming. With big ideas and even big­ger bar­rels of hops, Melvin now takes off in the hands of Own­er, Jere­my Tofte. Co-Founder/­Drunk­en Brew­mas­ter Kirk McHale, and head Pro­duc­tion Brew­er, Dave Chichu­ra.

We start­ed in the back of a Thai restau­rant on a 20 gal­lon sys­tem in 2010 and upgrad­ed to a 100-gal­lon sys­tem in 2011. Now we brew on a 30 bar­rel sys­tem with big shiny tanks and cen­trifuges and things. Fan­cy that.


The state of Wyoming want­ed to export some high-qual­i­ty goods to the out­side world, so they gave us a $3 mil­lion dol­lar grant to build a Pro­duc­tion Facil­i­ty. We land­ed in the quaint moun­tain ham­let of Alpine (pop. 700), 30 miles south of the Hol­ly­wood of Wyoming. From the new brew­ery, we sent our first kegs out to the West Coast in Jan­u­ary 2016 and cans came out on April Fools Day 2016. We put a met­ric shit ton of hops in our beers and fer­ment and dry hop them longer than most. Did we men­tion we start­ed with a full lab to check con­sis­ten­cy and qual­i­ty on an hourly basis? Who does that? Would you look at that? Some­times you just got­ta look at it.

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