Your IPA is From the Future, For the Future


By Michelle DeLong

Do you have big dreams? So do we. That’s why we summoned a beer from the future, Your IPA, made for our multitasking ninjas who want to do good in the world while drinking a delicious hoppy brew.

You heard that right– just like a Joe Dirt mullet, Melvin has a party side, and a serious side too. Let me let you in on a little secret: we do give a shit about the shit that matters. This might matter to you:

There is a medical debt crisis in America. Americans owe a metric f@*k ton, aka one trillion dollars in medical debt that we cannot pay. 1 in 3 Americans struggle to afford healthcare, and 1 in 5 have delinquent medical debt.

Like most earth creatures, we have watched and laughed to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and an episode about the medical debt crisis in America really hit home for the Melvin crew. After all, we are a bunch of ski and surf bums with generally rad and reckless lifestyles, so we know a thing or two about the crippling spiral of medical debt. So, we hatched a plan: team up with RIP Medical Debt, a debt forgiveness nonprofit, and brew a new beer that reflects our consumers and connects us all.

To create Your IPA, we kicked it old school with traditional brewing techniques, then went new school and mixed in 100-percent lupulin cryopowder. Cryo is hot like crypto right now, so how could we resist dancing with its futuristic deliciousness?

Two-percent of all sales from Your IPA will go towards buying and forgiving medical debt in all 11 states where Melvin is sold, because we want your future to be bright, yo. Each year we will feature a different nonprofit that resonates with us, with you, and with our community: the universal Your IPA man. Take a look in the mirror: this beer is for you.

Wait a second, you can buy and forgive medical debt?! Mind. Blown. Let us drop some knowledge on you: when folks can’t pay their medical bills, that debt is bought and sold to third party collectors for pennies on the dollar. A veritable E-bay for buying and selling debt exists, and funnily enough, the CEO of RIP Medical Debt started it.

Years working in the collection industry left CEO Craig Antico wondering: if we can buy debt, why not forgive it instead of collect on it? He had the skill set to make it happen, including extensive data sets and access to his buy/sell network of debt collection. Antico incorporated RIP Medical Debt a year after realizing this untapped potential, but the organization struggled to raise money and Antico became a debtor himself.

Antico is a smart guy, though, and he convinced John Oliver’s production team, who had been working on a segment on the debt crisis, to partner with his organization. After John Oliver bought and forgave almost $15 million worth of medical debt on live TV, making it the single largest TV donation in history (even beating out Oprah’s epic 8 million car giveaway a la you get a car, you get a car, EVERYBODY GETS A FREAKIN CARRRRR!),  donations and volunteers began to roll in.

Drumroll please… enter Melvin into the ring. Not unlike our goal to unite craft beer against the evil WorldBev, we really dig how RIP Medical Debt is uniting organizations and individuals to fight against medical debt, the ultimate under-the-bed lurker. Antico explains:

It’s not just about Melvin and it’s not just about us. It’s now about Melvin’s supply chain, from the ingredients to the end user, to the shop owner, to the bartender. That’s what makes it so interesting: it’s the whole network getting involved.”

So go ahead and enjoy an extra can of Your IPA, basking in the balanced caramel and earthy flavors while you invest in your future AND get a buzz on. RIP Medical Debt CEO Craig Antico made us blush a little (yes, we also have a softer side) when he told us:

If anybody has passion, its Melvin Brewing. I’ve never seen such passionate people in my life. There is a thread of compassion, passion, and connecting with people. That’s why I think we resonated with each other.”

Hell yeah, we will raise a glass to that. Melvin dreams big because our beer drinkers do too. We seek to make the impossible possible because we know you have done it, too.

Whose world is this? The world is yours, yo, the world is yours.

The Numbers Game

Ok, let’s all agree that smartphones have given us the attention span of a carnival goldfish. Scan the stats below for a quick recap:

1 in 3: Americans who struggle to afford healthcare

1 in 5: Americans who have delinquent medical debt on their credit reports

60% : Bankruptcies in America that are a result of medical debt

$1 trillion: Medical debt owed by Americans that cannot be paid in the next 10 years

$1 billion: How much $ it will take to abolish ALL of that medical debt

$14. 9 million: debt forgiven by the John Oliver show in conjunction with RIP Medial Debt

$1 billion: RIP Medical Debt’s current debt abolishment goal

1.3 million: Number of U.S. veterans who have out-of-pocket medical expenses exceeding their disposable incomes

$50 million: RIP Medical debt’s goal for forgiving veteran and military personnel medical debt in America as part of the #NoVetMedDebt campaign

2%: Percent of sales from Your IPA that will go towards forgiving medical debt

9: States where Your IPA proceeds go to forgive medical debt

$300,000: Melvin’s Your IPA fundraising goal

$3 million: Medical debt ABOLISHED if Melvin meets our goal! This will help almost 2,000 Americans who are currently in debt due to medical expenses. Drink some Your IPA today or donate on our website.

Photos by Jared Spieker