Your IPA is From the Future, For the Future


By Michelle DeLong

Do you have big dreams? So do we. That’s why we sum­moned a beer from the future, Your IPA, made for our mul­ti­task­ing nin­jas who want to do good in the world while drink­ing a deli­cious hop­py brew.

You heard that right– just like a Joe Dirt mul­let, Melvin has a par­ty side, and a seri­ous side too. Let me let you in on a lit­tle secret: we do give a shit about the shit that mat­ters. This might mat­ter to you:

There is a med­ical debt cri­sis in Amer­i­ca. Amer­i­cans owe a met­ric f@*k ton, aka one tril­lion dol­lars in med­ical debt that we can­not pay. 1 in 3 Amer­i­cans strug­gle to afford health­care, and 1 in 5 have delin­quent med­ical debt.

Like most earth crea­tures, we have watched and laughed to Last Week Tonight with John Oliv­er, and an episode about the med­ical debt cri­sis in Amer­i­ca real­ly hit home for the Melvin crew. After all, we are a bunch of ski and surf bums with gen­er­al­ly rad and reck­less lifestyles, so we know a thing or two about the crip­pling spi­ral of med­ical debt. So, we hatched a plan: team up with RIP Med­ical Debt, a debt for­give­ness non­prof­it, and brew a new beer that reflects our con­sumers and con­nects us all.

To cre­ate Your IPA, we kicked it old school with tra­di­tion­al brew­ing tech­niques, then went new school and mixed in 100-per­cent lupulin cry­opow­der. Cryo is hot like cryp­to right now, so how could we resist danc­ing with its futur­is­tic deli­cious­ness?

Two-per­cent of all sales from Your IPA will go towards buy­ing and for­giv­ing med­ical debt in all 11 states where Melvin is sold, because we want your future to be bright, yo. Each year we will fea­ture a dif­fer­ent non­prof­it that res­onates with us, with you, and with our com­mu­ni­ty: the uni­ver­sal Your IPA man. Take a look in the mir­ror: this beer is for you.

Wait a sec­ond, you can buy and for­give med­ical debt?! Mind. Blown. Let us drop some knowl­edge on you: when folks can’t pay their med­ical bills, that debt is bought and sold to third par­ty col­lec­tors for pen­nies on the dol­lar. A ver­i­ta­ble E-bay for buy­ing and sell­ing debt exists, and fun­ni­ly enough, the CEO of RIP Med­ical Debt start­ed it.

Years work­ing in the col­lec­tion indus­try left CEO Craig Anti­co won­der­ing: if we can buy debt, why not for­give it instead of col­lect on it? He had the skill set to make it hap­pen, includ­ing exten­sive data sets and access to his buy/sell net­work of debt col­lec­tion. Anti­co incor­po­rat­ed RIP Med­ical Debt a year after real­iz­ing this untapped poten­tial, but the orga­ni­za­tion strug­gled to raise mon­ey and Anti­co became a debtor him­self.

Anti­co is a smart guy, though, and he con­vinced John Oliver’s pro­duc­tion team, who had been work­ing on a seg­ment on the debt cri­sis, to part­ner with his orga­ni­za­tion. After John Oliv­er bought and for­gave almost $15 mil­lion worth of med­ical debt on live TV, mak­ing it the sin­gle largest TV dona­tion in his­to­ry (even beat­ing out Oprah’s epic 8 mil­lion car give­away a la you get a car, you get a car, EVERYBODY GETS A FREAKIN CARRRRR!),  dona­tions and vol­un­teers began to roll in.

Drum­roll please… enter Melvin into the ring. Not unlike our goal to unite craft beer against the evil World­Bev, we real­ly dig how RIP Med­ical Debt is unit­ing orga­ni­za­tions and indi­vid­u­als to fight against med­ical debt, the ulti­mate under-the-bed lurk­er. Anti­co explains:

It’s not just about Melvin and it’s not just about us. It’s now about Melvin’s sup­ply chain, from the ingre­di­ents to the end user, to the shop own­er, to the bar­tender. That’s what makes it so inter­est­ing: it’s the whole net­work get­ting involved.”

So go ahead and enjoy an extra can of Your IPA, bask­ing in the bal­anced caramel and earthy fla­vors while you invest in your future AND get a buzz on. RIP Med­ical Debt CEO Craig Anti­co made us blush a lit­tle (yes, we also have a soft­er side) when he told us:

If any­body has pas­sion, its Melvin Brew­ing. I’ve nev­er seen such pas­sion­ate peo­ple in my life. There is a thread of com­pas­sion, pas­sion, and con­nect­ing with peo­ple. That’s why I think we res­onat­ed with each oth­er.”

Hell yeah, we will raise a glass to that. Melvin dreams big because our beer drinkers do too. We seek to make the impos­si­ble pos­si­ble because we know you have done it, too.

Whose world is this? The world is yours, yo, the world is yours.

The Num­bers Game

Ok, let’s all agree that smart­phones have giv­en us the atten­tion span of a car­ni­val gold­fish. Scan the stats below for a quick recap:

1 in 3: Amer­i­cans who strug­gle to afford health­care

1 in 5: Amer­i­cans who have delin­quent med­ical debt on their cred­it reports

60% : Bank­rupt­cies in Amer­i­ca that are a result of med­ical debt

$1 tril­lion: Med­ical debt owed by Amer­i­cans that can­not be paid in the next 10 years

$1 bil­lion: How much $ it will take to abol­ish ALL of that med­ical debt

$14. 9 mil­lion: debt for­giv­en by the John Oliv­er show in con­junc­tion with RIP Medi­al Debt

$1 bil­lion: RIP Med­ical Debt’s cur­rent debt abol­ish­ment goal

1.3 mil­lion: Num­ber of U.S. vet­er­ans who have out-of-pock­et med­ical expens­es exceed­ing their dis­pos­able incomes

$50 mil­lion: RIP Med­ical debt’s goal for for­giv­ing vet­er­an and mil­i­tary per­son­nel med­ical debt in Amer­i­ca as part of the #NoVetMed­Debt cam­paign

2%: Per­cent of sales from Your IPA that will go towards for­giv­ing med­ical debt

9: States where Your IPA pro­ceeds go to for­give med­ical debt

$300,000: Melvin’s Your IPA fundrais­ing goal

$3 mil­lion: Med­ical debt ABOLISHED if Melvin meets our goal! This will help almost 2,000 Amer­i­cans who are cur­rent­ly in debt due to med­ical expens­es. Drink some Your IPA today or donate on our web­site.

Pho­tos by Jared Spiek­er