Welcome to Madness Days

By Michelle DeLong / Photos by Jared Spieker

If you know, you know.

As the summer days grow long in the tiny mountain hamlet of Alpine, Wyoming, beer distributers, bar managers, brewers, industry professionals, friends and family gather to fuel the Melvin fire. The time has come, though, to let the ninja out of the bag: next year, you’re invited. 

Madness Days is a three day beer, camping, and queso fest evocative of a 16 year old skate punk kid’s dream party, only now, his future self has the means to turn fantasy into reality. The Wyoming version of burning man includes wake surfing, whitewater trips, dance floors, hangover yoga, a friggin’ IV drip, beer pong from cranes, and even the ceremonial burning of an actual 2X4 man. Since its inaugural party three years ago, every year has brought surprises: in 2017 a live, pop-up pro wrestling match turned out to be the crowd favorite, and has since become tradition. This year, we built giant Japanese pagodas (why not), created an adults-only obstacle course, and partnered with Wyoming Stargazing to hook the party up with nature’s lightshow.

Danielle Caruso, the chica who seamlessly plans the impossible, explains the method behind the madness:

Melvin’s dreams didn’t come true without the help of people supporting us… people put their time and energy into Melvin without a guarantee, so we wanted to give back to them. Bringing all these creative minds to one place is how magic happens… we want to bring cool people together and then spit them back out into the world.”

In 2019, the Melvin family would like to welcome you to our annual reunion: scroll, stop, scroll to find out what yer in for. We’ll see you at the Madness.


We are responsible AF, and that means no driving during said shenanigans… where have you got to go, anyway? Set up camp for the weekend in a baller RV, a hippy dippy van, the back of your truck, or in tent city. Checking out camp set ups is a pastime in itself.

Wakesurfing and Whitewater Rafting

Fan of cheap thrills? Head down the Snake River Canyon with Lewis and Clark River Rafting or style it out like Cam Fitzpatrick on Teton Surf Co’s wake surf boat. If you can wear an elephant mask and/or chug a beer during either of these activities, bonus points.

Beer, BBQ, Repeat

Obviously, the Melvin beer runneth like water during Madness Days. All of your favorites are on tap all through the day and into the night, along with catered deliciousness from our favorite local vendors: Sweet Cheeks Meats, the Alpine Taco Truck, and Delish Donuts.

Adults-Only Obstacle Course

Take your pick: enter the booze fueled obstacle course race and relive your Animal House days, or shit talk from the safety of the kid-friendly pagodas.

Dance Party

Local DJ Cut La Whut spins Wu Tang along with other old school hip hop and new school beats. The real dance party went on after hours, but you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Pro Wrestling

Somehow, a muscled Tarzan wannabe body-slamming a fat, balding dude in a unitard (stage name, Zero) seems to about sum up the ridiculous factor of the entire weekend.

2X4 Man Burn

Everybody brings 2X4’s to contribute to an actual, larger than life 2x4 man, and then we light that shit on fire. This is a metaphor for all of our favorite people combining their powers and rising like a phoenix from the ashes, or something like that.

See You at the Madness!

First and foremost, next year is going to be better because you will be there. We are stoked to show the world how Melvin parties, and we are already dreaming bigger (think bigger musical acts), so show up, get weird, and don’t hate, PARTY!