We Win Awards: Ch Ch Cherry Bomb Takes Home the Gold at World Beer Cup


By Michelle DeLong


First it’s a tad sour, then it’s a lit­tle sweet. This rebel child packs an 8% punch along­side smooth, fruit for­ward fla­vor. We don’t bot­tle it yet, so if you haven’t spent time in a Melvin tap­room (Rem­e­dy this. Imme­di­ate­ly.) you might not know Ch Ch Cher­ry Bomb, the wildest mem­ber of the Melvin gang.

It’s our favorite beer to make and it’s our favorite beer to taste,” founder/backseat brew­er Jere­my Tofte tells us. “We try to get it to come out the same every time, and when it does, it makes you feel so good.”

Ch Ch Cher­ry Bomb has hum­ble begin­nings as one of the first beers the OG Melvin crew start­ed tin­ker­ing with in the back room of Thai Me Up. First, a brown ale is put through its first fer­men­ta­tion, and then sweet and sour cher­ries (and some­times even boy­sen­ber­ries) are added for a sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion.

The sour cher­ry taste comes through in a big way, hence the com­mon mis­con­cep­tion that Ch Ch Cher­ry Bomb is a sour beer. It’s actu­al­ly con­sid­ered a fruit beer, a cat­e­go­ry Tofte jok­ing­ly refers to as the “wine cool­er cat­e­go­ry.” He laughs, “We make fun of each oth­er and our­selves about it… we are known for IPA’s, but we are kind of hop­ing that cher­ry fruit beer is the next big thing.”

Tofte’s for­tune cook­ie game must be dialed, because 2018 appears to be The Year of the Cher­ry: Ch Ch Cher­ry Bomb took home gold last week at the World Beer Cup, an indus­try-only event held every two years. In the past it has won bronze at the same event, and both gold and sil­ver medals at the Great Amer­i­can Beer Fes­ti­val.

True to its punk rock girl band name­sake (mil­len­ni­als: see 70’s pop cul­ture ref­er­ence) Ch Ch Cher­ry Bomb is both a god­damn cham­pi­on and a gor­geous hot mess.

As it starts fer­ment­ing the sec­ond time, it always cre­ates the biggest mess on the floor,” Tofte tells us. “You come in in the morn­ing and there’s just cher­ry every­where. The whole brew­ery floor is filled up. You got­ta hose it down for like half an hour, and because we just do every­thing on the three bar­rel sys­tem, we should be able to pro­duce six kegs, but we get so much blow off from the sec­ondary fer­ment that we usu­al­ly end up get­ting only three.” We brew Ch Ch Cher­ry bomb three times a year to keep it avail­able on tap, but that num­ber will  go up soon.

Because Melvin loves you, we’ve got plans to pur­chase a flash pas­teur­iz­er in the next year or two so we can begin bot­tling this deli­cious­ness and make it eas­i­er for you to ses­sion pink beer. With­out pas­teur­iza­tion, there is a teeeeee­ny chance that the yeast and sug­ars from the fruit could cause fer­men­ta­tion in the bot­tle, and BOOM… like we said, hot mess. Trust us, this beer is worth wait­ing for.

In the mean­time, head to one of our tap­rooms and ask for a pour of Melvin’s under­rat­ed rock­star. Word on the street is, every time you mix Ch Ch Cher­ry Bomb with Killer Bees (the per­fect sum­mer­time mashup) an angel weeps with joy and then floats the riv­er. PSA: lazy lake­side drink­ing beers don’t have to be World­Bev Light.