The Boil Rumble - Melvin Brewing

Get into the ring and make the best beer in America. The Boil Rumble is back! 2020 threw the world a curveball, and we thought it was best to take ball four and walk on down the base line to 2021.

Let’s See What Your Homebrew Is Made Of

This year’s contest will remain mostly the same, but we’re increasing the entries and pushing back the deadline for entry. Homebrew clubs from around the country are allowed to compete with one entry per 25 members in the club (100 members = 4 entries), and if you aren’t in an official homebrew club, you can enter through your local homebrew supply store.

*Once you submit your entry, we will email you further instructions about mailing your beer and the additional details that we need your club to submit.


First, the pros at CB&B will judge the beers

Entries will be sent to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine and judged by their expert panel (check out their issues and the fantastic beer review section!)

Visit CB&B


Next, winners join us at the mothership

A champion and a runner-up will be selected, invited to our beautiful home in Alpine, WY to brew with our team, and the champion beer will be canned and sent out to all of our territories around the country.

Contest details

  • Must be 21+ to enter
  • No barrel-aged beers or wild ales, preferred turn time of 4 weeks max
  • Each AHA Homebrew Club is allowed 1 entry per 25 members
  • Individuals are allowed one entry through local homebrew shop
  • Deadline window for entries is 7/5/21–7/19/21
  • Entries shipped to Craft Beer & Brewing magazine:
  • Champion and Runner-Up will be announced 8/2/21
  • Champion and Runner-Up invited to brew and chill with the Melvin crew in Alpine 9/6–9/10/21

Inaugural Champion

Like most everything else, COVID derailed our plans to bring back The Boil Rumble in 2020. Join this prestigous group of one by becoming our 2021 Boil Rumble winner.

Read about the 2019 Boil Rumble

2019 Winners

Eastbay Homebrew Club

Rhode Island might be the smallest state in the union, but Eastbay Homebrew Club made a big splash at The Boil Rumble. Their New England Breakfast Ale, made with coffee and maple syrup, took home the prize. We invited them out and distributed their can nationwide.

New England Breakfast Ale