The Kid Can Rip: 5 Questions for Pro Snowboarder Hans Mindnich

Hans TurboDojo Premiere Seattle — Kindlon Photo

Words by Michelle DeLong // Photos by Ben Shanks Kindlon @benkindlon

Melvin Brewing and snowboarding go together like an IPA and a hot slice. Speaking of hot, it’s getting kind of cold outside, and with every flurry that falls outside the windows of our Mothership Taproom, the stoke is rising for the season ahead. Melvin Brewing is independently owned by the best snowboarders in craft beer (fact or fake news?) so it’s only natural that we formed a partnership with one of the most exciting riders out there: Hans Mindnich.

Absinthe Films Founder Justin Hostynek was always whispering in my ear about how Hans was killing it this year,” Danielle Caruso (Unleasher of the Madness, Melvin Brewing) tells us. “I kept talking to Justin about how we were looking for someone to put on a beer can who was really creative and wanted to have fun. Getting the Melvin Brewing bus in the shot was a critical goal so I drove the bus up to Timberline for Holy Bowly. When Hans stepped it up and nailed the jib off the rail, I knew Melvin and Hans were naturally a perfect fit.”

We interviewed Hans for The Snowboarder’s Journal, and you can check out the full interview here. But, you know we’ve got something special for you Melvin hopheads, so read on for five extra interview questions with Hans from the cutting room floor.

You’re the Stay Tuned cover boy. What’s the coolest part about seeing your picture on a beer can?

It’s surreal! My mom was telling me that back in Vermont where she lives, one of the local microbrew spots has Melvin, and they can’t stock it enough! That’s a big deal in such a microbrew friendly state. My mom is so ecstatic about the Stay Tuned beer, and I love that, because she’s awesome, man.

How do you spend your off season, when you aren’t on a film tour?

In the summer, I worked at a friend’s farm in Oregon. In the past I always did construction; I started roofing when I was like 16 and worked my way up the ranks to be more or less a carpenter. But, after eight years I needed a break. This fall I took a surf trip along the Oregon coast… it was so amazing, just getting some surf in, camping, and beach time before heading over to Europe for the craziness of the Stay Tuned  film tour… the adventure continues.

How do you train when you aren’t snowboarding?

I’ve never really been a gym guy… when I lived in Salt Lake City I went to the climbing gym all the time, and that definitely kept me in shape. Mostly I just get on my skateboard, and I’ve been doing that in interesting places while on tour.

What’s the toughest part about filming?

Trying to figure out where the best snow and conditions are so we can be the most productive. If there are a bunch of storm days we try to go out and pre-build stuff so it’s ready for the sun. You’ve got to get the goals for the day done, and then when the sun comes, it’s all hands on deck. There were many days this past winter that I woke up at dark and got back to my truck in the dark… dark to dark days, that’s a thing.

How do you deal with the social media aspect of being a pro snowboarder?

It drives me insane. My brother actually deleted his for a bit and then came back to it with more of a business mentality, using it as a tool. That’s how I view it now, but I try to keep it real. I try to let people know what I do, what I like… but I don’t post every day. If I did, maybe I would start losing followers… they would be like, hey, maybe this guy doesn’t actually live the most lavish life!