Thai Me Up, Jackson, WY

A restaurant and brewery that plays Kung Fu on the TV and Hip Hop over the Hi-Fi? Part Brew-Pub / Part Thai Restaurant, we have Thai Classics and our take on Thai Fusion pub food, and the best beer on the Planet…weird? Yeah, we know.

Newly remodeled in 2013, Thai Me Up is the home of Melvin Brewing. We’ve got 20 (yes, twenty) craft beers on tap. Our 3 barrel brewing system, The Shaolin Kloset, is tucked in the back of the restaurant enabling us to brew a fine line of cutting-edge West Coast ales and lagers. With numerous Great American Beer Festival medals and back-to-back Alpha King Championships as just a few of our beer accolades, we are bringing the Ruckus. We’ve been awarded the 2015 GABF Small Brewpub of the Year and 2017 Brewery Group of the Year. 



Directions & Hours

Hours & Contact

Monday — Sunday — Open at 5pm

Bar Food Available ’til late.


(307) 733‑0005



TMU Greens
red leaf lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red bell pepper, cherry tomato & peanut dressing 8

Spring Rolls
mango, basil, mint, purple cabbage, bell pepper, carrot & peanut sauce 9

Thai Wings
sweet & spicy chili sauce with crispy garlic & herbs 12

Crab Rangoon
with sweet & sour sauce 8

pork, ginger & green onion 7

Cowabunga Rolls
red curried coconut cream, mozzarella, pepperoni, eggroll wrap & Thai basil marinara 8

Egg Rolls
with sweet chili sauce 8

Shishito Peppers
lime juice & bonito salt 11

Crispy Brussel Sprouts
sweet chili & sambal 7

Thai Poutine
house cut fries topped with curry of the day, mozzarella cheese curds, scallions 10
add Bacon 2,  add Pulled Pork 6


Tom Kha Gai
coconut & chicken Soup 13

Tom Yum Goong
hot & sour with shrimp 13

Khao Soi
Chiang Mai curry with chicken & crispy noodles 21

Aromatic curry with clove, red pepper, potato, squash, and chicken 20


Red, Yellow, or Green
seasonal veggies. Ask for protein additions 15

TMU Sandwiches

We Proudly Serve Lockhart Ranch Beef Burgers *Served with fries or Sub TMU Salad for $2

caramelized oyster mushroom, seared shallots, see-ew ketchup & TMU herb butter 15

Wyoming Rodeo
fried sweet onions, bacon, cheddar & TMU BBQ sauce 15

Skid Row
pineapple/fresno chili salsa, bacon, cheddar & kaffir mayo 15

bacon, egg, Shishito pepper & chili mayo 15

2 x 4
2x patties, 4x bacon, American cheese. TMU BBQ & Thai mayo 17

Chiang Mai CheeseSteak
Angus Beef, Shishito, Onions, American Cheese, Thai Mayo on a hoagie 15

Pai Mei Pulled Pork
Sweet Cheeks Meats Pulled Pork topped w/Thai bbq and Melvin spicy pickles 15


Pad Thai
tamarind & nam pla, egg, peanut, chili, bean sprouts, green onion, carrot, cilantro & lime 15

coconut chili-turmeric sauce, broccoli, tomato & red bell pepper 15

green onion, green cabbage, red bell pepper, tomato, Thai basil, egg, spicy oyster sauce 15

Pad see ew
broccoli, green cabbage, egg, oyster soy sauce 15

Rice Dishes

General Thai Chicken 13

Spicy Fried Rice 13

Sweet Soy Fried Rice 13

Thai Basil Fried Rice 13

Pineapple Fried Rice 16

Protein Additions

Tofu 3

Chicken 3

Sweet Cheeks Meats Pulled Pork 6

A large portion of our menu is Spicy. Please ask your server to identify items that are less spicy if this is not what you enjoy

* consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness

Weekly Specials

Sunday — General Thai Chicken and any 16oz beer 12

Monday — Two Thai Tacos with Pulled Pork and Asian slaw and any 16 oz beer 12

Tuesday- Any Burger and any 16oz beer 12

Add 3 for 2x4 burger

Wednesday —  Wings all night 10

Late Night Menu


TMU Greens 5

Potstickers 5

Egg Rolls 6

Crab Rangoon 6

Skid Curry 8

Wings 10

Spring Rolls 9

Poutine 10 add bacon 2

Shishito Peppers 9

Cowabunga Rolls 6

General Thai Chicken  11

All Burgers 12   add 2 for 2x4

Chiang Mai Cheese Steak 12

Pai Mei Pulled Pork 12

Welcome to Melvin Brewing!

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