San Diego Happenings: That New Brewpub Smell

Bar Karate

West Coast style IPA’s once inspired Melvin Brewing founder Jeremy Tofte (as he was sessioning tasty beers and waves, of course) to start brewing beer of his own. So, it’s no surprise that Melvin’s newest brew pub venture has found a home in sunny San Diego. It’s a huge honor to join the ranks of countless award winning breweries in of one of America’s most exciting craft beer scenes, the birthplace of the beer that inspired it all. West Coast of Wyoming, meet the real deal.

The San Diego brewpub, located in the up and coming East Village neighborhood, features beers on tap (duh) and a full kitchen. Asian-inspired pub fare offerings include favorites like the Melvin burger (fried egg on top, the way all burgers should be), pork gyoza and Chaing Mai flatbread. The new head chef Vernon Cardenas is classically trained yet creative, and uses cooking techniques from Japan, China, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, and Korea. New head brewer Bobby Oliver is an accomplished brew master who most recently brewed for Coronado Brewing. He is running a custom brewing system and pumping out the Melvin fresh to fill the pub’s 24 shiny new taps.


The walls of the new pub feature renderings of Melvin’s wild cast of characters, originally designed as can art by Wyoming based artist Kelly Halpin. To add some West Coast style to the walls, we hired local artist Robin Golden to bring Kelly’s characters to life and incorporate San Diego landmarks like the Coronado Bridge.

Jamie Morris, VP of Brewpub operations, explains his aspirations as Melvin enters the incredible San Diego beer community: “We hope to bring people together; the breweries, the residents and the businesses.  We see the unique opportunity in East Village with it’s current growth, and hope to contribute to the existing brewing community that is developing in that neighborhood.  San Diego is well known for its roots in west coast IPAs, the style that is the pillar of our portfolio.  We look forward to learning more from the amazing breweries in SD County as it is the epicenter for cutting edge brewing innovation.  Sharing in the beer industry is the key to moving forward, if we can all learn and contribute in the spirit of craft, everyone wins.”


Since the brewpub recently opened its doors, this is the first year they will be celebrating our infamous 2x4 Day on February 2nd. Expect iconic nunchucks, ninja costumes, and fanfare alongside speciality tappings: CLOUDY 5000 (Melvin’s first ever, house brewed, Hazy IPA), BARREL AGED RUCKUS,  and Secret RIIPA. In the words of  2Pac, California knows how to party.