Philanthropy in Jackson Hole and beyond…

Since our inception, Melvin Brewing has been keen on giving back to our communities. By giving, we mean more than just beer to our roommates and free last-call pours. We support local nonprofits in Wyoming and beyond with financial support, beer for fundraising events, and of course, real life human volunteers.


Below are some of our beneficiaries we partner with in our hometown and in our markets across the country. Through these relationships, we are able to support organizations all over the country. Beer: a great way to build better communities. We’ll cheers to that.

In 2022 we took part in the Rising Hope campaign and raised over $3000 for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Participating breweries made a hazy IPA with passionfruit, orange and guava and donated the proceeds to this great cause. We made three batches of our own taproom exclusive version of Rising Hope and the result was both incredibly tasty and rewarding.

5% Revenue to Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Emergency Fund: Since our inception in 2009, we’ve always given back to our community whenever possible. As the COVID-19 pandemic started to escalate, we started thinking of ways to turn this crisis into opportunity. We made the collective decision that for the month of April, 5% of canned beer revenue will be split between our taproom employees and The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. Our family is most important to us, so they were priority #1, but we also wanted to make a positive impact on our neighbors around us. The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has created an Emergency Response Fund focused on COVID-19 efforts, and it’s doing all types of great things in our area. Providing food and financial assistance, PPE for medical workers and first responders, and art kits and more access to WiFi for kids stuck at home are just a few of the amazing facets of this program

Melvin Brewing supports equality for all. During the month of June 2021, Melvin Brewing celebrated Pride month by donating 2% sales of our top selling beer, Melvin IPA. We chose to donate to The Trevor Project in support of the LGBTQ youth.

Our Melvin partnership helped us reach our financial goal, which enables us to deploy our professional trail crew for the entire 2019 dig season!”

Melvin is now one of JHSC’s largest sponsors and is a key component in JHSC’s ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to support our 500 student-athletes.

Our adult and community events provide an opportunity for thousands of Jackson Hole locals and visitors to try Melvin beer and experience the direct impact Melvin is having on JHSC’s continued success.”

We partnered with Melvin in Denver for Enter The House of Flying Barrels during The Great American Beer Fest. Half of your proceeds benefited The Chill Foundation and specifically, Chill youth in Denver. The opportunity was an excellent way to create visibility for The Chill Foundation within the Denver community and promote support for Chill’s life-changing programming benefitting Denver youth.”


In October 2017, Water For People joined together with Melvin for an unforgettable evening. Aligned with the Great American Beer Festival, Melvin’s House of the Flying Barrels event brought hundreds of people together – with proceeds from ticket sales benefitting Water For People. This was a new experience and audience for our organization, and an excellent opportunity to meet new supporters and partners. The event was even bigger than we imagined – a multi-sensory experience that will surely never be beat!”

Our annual Wallpaper show brings together the valleys most original artists for an evening celebrating art. We are proud to partner on this event with Melvin, the most original, creative works of art ever brewed in our region.”

Melvin knows what makes Jackson tick. They were critical in the success of the Orijin Media Summer Concert Series, which benefits a local non-profit each week  through beverage sales and gives the stage to one of our awesome town bands. Couldn’t have done it without them!”

PAWS, Teton Science Schools, Snake River Fund, Coombs Foundation, Energy Conservation Works, Teton County Search and Rescue, Jackson Hole Land Trust, G.T.N.P Foundation

Wyoming Stargazing’s partnership with Melvin Brewing was a catalyst that enabled us to jump start our fundraising efforts for our first annual World Above the Tetons Science Speaker Series. Melvin was one of the first businesses that sponsored those events and it made a big difference. We also had the opportunity to connect with people from all over the region at Melvin’s (fill in the appropriate descriptor here) party. We showcased our Dark Sky Pavilion and outdoor digital planetarium. It was another great chance to show people what Wyoming Stargazing can do, which was only possible through this unique partnership. Thanks Melvin!”

Melvin Brewing and Thai Me Up are founding investors of TFR’s Jackson Hole Trails Consortium. Melvin Brewing abated the program to focus on developing their business and this event marked the reengagement of Melvin Brewing’s support of Jackson Hole’s public trails while solidifying their commitment to the same. Our madness came from the synergy created by a community gathering of individuals to support our natural asset of public trails, through an opportunity provided by Teton Freedom Riders, Thai Me Up and Melvin Brewing. Our 2018 fundraising event help us reach our financial goal, enabling us to deploy our professional trail crew for the entire 2019 dig season! Teton Freedom Riders and Melvin Brewing share a common thread that have a natural union; rad trails and mad brews!”

Melvin Brewing reached out to Brigid Collins to host a Stewards of Children training for all their staff to raise awareness about the prevalence of child sexual abuse and how to prevent abuse from happening by learning how to identify and report suspicions. What is more, Melvin Brewing continues to support our mission with in-kind and financial support of our events, including our Major Donor Social and Annual Benefit Auction. Their support of our events and activities has been a catalyst for others to learn about the important work we do and give generously as well.”

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