Nonprofit RIP Medical Debt and Melvin Brewing Make A Killer Collab

By Michelle DeLong

Melvin Brewing loves a good collab, whether it be Ghostface Killah X Killah Priest, or teaming up with another brewery to create a kicking IPA. Collaborating with nonprofit RIP Medical Debt  to brew a special batch of Your IPA was a non-brainer: catch yourself up with a full article to learn more. In a nutshell: we are partnered with this rad nonprofit working to provide relief for millions of Americans by buying their medical debt and forgiving it, just like this:


Definitely not #fakenews: this shit is bananas. In true hands-on and outrageous Melvin style, we got RIP Medical Debt  founders Craig Antico and Jerry Ashton on a plane bound for Jackson, Wyoming to give them a crash course in Wu-Tang and IPA’s. As they toured our Alpine mothership brewery, we enlisted their help brewing an extra special batch, the 100% batch, of our new philanthropic beer, Your IPA.

100% of each keg from this batch, sold this fall, will go towards  RIP Medical Debt. That’s where YOU come in– drink up, because every pint of the 100% batch you drink forgives $500 worth of medical debt for veterans, families, and people in need. 2 after-work beers per day (a sensible, responsible number) will abolish $1000 worth of medical debt (yeah, we math).

According to Melvin sales ninja Ted Whitney, “Medical debt relief will be centered in Melvin’s 10 markets: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, California and Massachusetts. The amount of debt forgiven will be determined by how much beer is sold by bars in each state – setting the stage for an epic philanthropic competition.”

Leave it to Melvin to take philanthropy and infuse it with the two things we love most: drinking beer and WWE style smackdowns. Find a local bar that carries Your IPA with our handy beerfinder app and help your state represent, and peep this list of bars that are specifically participating in our 100% Batch masterplan.

After a hard days work in the brewery complete with copious samples for all, RIP Medical Debt founders Antico and Ashton left Alpine with a newfound appreciation for brewing and beer drinking on the west coast of Wyoming.

Antico tells us, “This isn’t just about Melvin and it isn’t just about us. It’s now about Melvin’s supply chain, from the ingredients to the end user, to the bartender. That’s what makes it so interesting. It’s the whole network getting involved, and not just doing it to promote oneself. Melvin is a unique company, they’re using their megaphone to shout out our cause, and they also have this new beer, so it’s a win-win. We are both awareness-building brands that are working together towards a common goal.”

Our supply chain works like this: first, our suppliers contribute ingredients, making all parties involved in brewing the 100% batch equally as invested, without sacrificing taste or quality. Next, the we donate tank space, labor, and love (awwwww) to brew the damn thing. Our hoperatives, accounts, and distributors get the word out and finally, YOU drink the beer and help forgive medical debt.

Let’s all raise our glasses to that.


100% Batch by the Numbers

• There are (124) 16 oz pints in every keg, let’s say for easy math you drink 100 pints from a 100%

batch keg, that’s a $5 donation from YOU per pint. Each pint forgives $500 in medical debt!

• Our righteous partner, RIP Medical Debt, is a game-changing 501©3 non-profit organization that

helps millions of Americans regain control of their future by buying and forgiving defaulted medical

debt. Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans struggle to afford healthcare, and 1 in 5 have delinquent

medical debt? Melvin and RIP Medical Debt are working together to provide relief.