Killer Bees, Killer Beats, Killah Priest

By Michelle DeLong

We’ve got our hands in the honey pot: Melvin Brewing is in show business now.

Don’t worry, we’ll still make fire IPA’s. This year Melvin Brewing is kicking off Great American Beer Festival with a massive show featuring the Shaolin masters of the Wu-Tang Clan, legends GZA, Raekwon, Killah Priest, and Young Dirty. Our love for kung-fu and hip-hop runs deeper than simply blasting Wu-Tang from our tap rooms (yeah, we do that too). It’s all happening this Wednesday September 19th at Summit Music Hall in Denver, and we’ll be pouring Killer Bees as well as nine other Melvin beers on tap.

Killah Priest is an OG Wu-Tang member who is famous for his long career, intense lyricism, and icon status in the hip-hop community. We catch up with Priest for a quick chat as he’s traveling home from Montreal after playing a show with Ghostface Killah. Tito’s and soda in hand, he talks New York roots, musical idols, and his preference for cotton candy over marshmallows.


Tell us about your Wu-Tang roots.

It goes way back to the beginning. GZA is like my older brother, he would always be on the block coaching me. I used to rhyme back then and he would always overlook my rhymes and thought I was good. This was in Brooklyn, he brought RZA on the block… I used to travel back and forth with them to Staten Island. We watched a lot of kung fu flicks during that time, and I was real familiar because I watched a lot of kung fu flicks before too, and we formed the group, Wu-Tang Clan.


What did you listen to as a kid growing up in Brooklyn?

Oh, I liked a lot of reggae too, listened to a lot of reggae. But Run DMC changed my life, that was the first guy to change my life. That as the first time I heard a beat like that, they took over the summer, and that was the first time I had heard that type of impact. And I was just caught up in it, they were doing the dance too, it was just the dopest… that Adidas suit, the dopest.


You’re known for deep, meaningful lyricism… how do you come up with your rhymes?

I always thought when I picked up a pen that I had leeway… I always thought outside the box. I got a vast imagination, and I wanted to display that. Being an artist is like putting out you, what you really think of, and I’m kinda crazy you know, and I’ve got a mind that’s just open to it. I’ve always been like that.


What are the best things to come from a long, successful career?

My kids, number one, and traveling, number two. I love traveling… I do what I do to do more, to learn more… and I love meeting new people.


What’s next for Killah Priest?

I got a couple albums coming out, one’s called Summer Poetry. I’ve got a new CBD brand… Killah Priest OG. CBD is good for everything, from glaucoma to sleep, the plant is medicinal.


To come celebrate Melvin style and see the man. the myth, the OG in action this Wednesday night, buy tickets here.