Code of Conduct

Melvin Brewing is a craft brewery located in Alpine, Wyoming.  We started in a Thai food restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with just a 20-gallon homebrew setup, a dream and a commitment to quality beer.  Within 5 years that dream came to life as a nationally recognized, award-winning brand.  At Melvin, we know our beer is madness, but we also recognize the turmoil and lack of inclusion in the brewing industry, and are committed to being part of the change that the beer industry needs. 

A Welcoming Environment 

  • Melvin Brewing pledges to provide a welcoming environment for vendors, customers, and our employees.  This environment should be a safe place for all who walk through the doors.  All employees, vendors and customers of Melvin Brewing are responsible for promoting an environment free of all forms of harassment and bias.  Furthermore, each individual is personally responsible for creating a work environment that supports and fosters inclusion and diversity within a safe work place for all regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, body size, mental or physical disabilities, age or physical appearance. 



  • Our commitment to inclusion means more to us than just a safe place to drink excellent beer, it also means providing employment opportunities within our brewery for everyone that has a desire to learn the craft.  It means treating all of our employees with dignity and respect. 


How we are accomplishing our Mission 

  • To accomplish this, we have employed a dedicated, in-house Human Resources Director since 2016 and enacted a strict anti-harassment policy in 2018. 
  • Human Resources has an open door policy and is available at all times. 
  • We hold monthly meetings with our employees and keep communication lines open. 
  • Instances that violate our harassment policy are investigated fully and appropriate action is taken immediately. 
  • All employees are encouraged to participate in Bystander Awareness and Sexual Harassment Prevention trainings, among others. All employees are required to read and sign our Harassment Policy.


Unacceptable Behaviors 

  • We expect our team to conduct themselves professionally whether they are located within our facility or representing our brand elsewhere. All representatives are expected to act ethically and honestly in every interaction. 
  • Representatives of Melvin Brewing will not engage in any of the following activities: harassment, bullying, intimidation, illegal activity, excessive drinking, unwanted physical advances, discrimination, and any other activity which is disrespectful in nature.