Summer Happenings in the Ham

By Michelle DeLong / Photos by Jennifer Irwin Melvin Brewing’s Bellingham brewpub, aka Melvingham, embraces the madness and makes it their own. Big things are happening on the real West Coast this summer (Melvin isn’t just about Wyoming) so let’s get you up to speed. New GM, Who Dis? We’ve happily hired a shiny new […]

DevilCraft Dani

Melvin Goes International Just for Fun

Where the f*&k is Melvin these days, anyway? Maybe you noticed us expanding both distribution and brewpub locations stateside (more big news on this soon) but you might not realize just how big we dream. That’s right, your favorite IPA slinging elephant has been making serious moves abroad. Founder Jeremy Tofte wistfully recalls his days […]


Meet the Melvin Crew: Resident Illustrator/Ninja Kelly Halpin

By Michelle DeLong / Illustrations by Kelly Halpin You know Kelly Halpin’s artwork, even if you don’t realize it– her deliciously evil genius created our dysfunctional family of Melvin characters, from the jacked and deadly Killer Bees to the racked and ready OG Melvin Man. Besides being a talented artist, Kelly is a professional mountain […]


Your IPA is From the Future, For the Future

By Michelle DeLong Do you have big dreams? So do we. That’s why we summoned a beer from the future, Your IPA, made for our multitasking ninjas who want to do good in the world while drinking a delicious hoppy brew. You heard that right– just like a Joe Dirt mullet, Melvin has a party […]