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Melvin Goes International Just for Fun

Where the f*&k is Melvin these days, any­way? Maybe you noticed us expand­ing both dis­tri­b­u­tion and brew­pub loca­tions state­side (more big news on this soon) but you might not real­ize just how big we dream. That’s right, your favorite IPA sling­ing ele­phant has been mak­ing seri­ous moves abroad. Founder Jere­my Tofte wist­ful­ly recalls his days […]


Meet the Melvin Crew: Resident Illustrator/Ninja Kelly Halpin

By Michelle DeLong / Illus­tra­tions by Kel­ly Halpin You know Kel­ly Halpin’s art­work, even if you don’t real­ize it– her deli­cious­ly evil genius cre­at­ed our dys­func­tion­al fam­i­ly of Melvin char­ac­ters, from the jacked and dead­ly Killer Bees to the racked and ready OG Melvin Man. Besides being a tal­ent­ed artist, Kel­ly is a pro­fes­sion­al moun­tain […]


Your IPA is From the Future, For the Future

By Michelle DeLong Do you have big dreams? So do we. That’s why we sum­moned a beer from the future, Your IPA, made for our mul­ti­task­ing nin­jas who want to do good in the world while drink­ing a deli­cious hop­py brew. You heard that right– just like a Joe Dirt mul­let, Melvin has a par­ty […]

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2x4 Reasons to Get Rowdy

By Michelle DeLong Craft beer lovers, kung-fu enthu­si­asts, and week­night rev­el­ers unite because today is Inter­na­tion­al 2x4 Day. It’s kind of like Melvin’s hop­piver­sary, and this year we are going big­ger, hard­er, faster, stronger than ever before. How many hop puns can we fit into one blog post? TRY US. We’re also pret­ty good at math […]