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Vladimir Gluten: a Colossal Collaboration Part 1

Vladimir Gluten: a Colossal Collaboration Part 1          Things change in the blink of an eye these days.  Right now, COVID-19 is on the top of everyone’s mind (and rightfully so), but just a few months back everyone was talking about Baby Yoda, impeachment, Greta and OK Boomer.  Making a barrel-aged stout takes many moons, […]

Fire and dance were two common themes throughout the weekend.

What Happens at Madness Days…

1,600 gallons of propane. If that’s not madness, I don’t know what is. My phone rang shortly after my dearest friend and Melvin Brewing Operations Director, Rob Albee, left the brewery on a critical errand. The tone in his voice was oddly familiar–a tone that is just short of laughter, slightly concerned but utterly confident […]


What’s Up with the Haze Craze?

By Michelle DeLong At it’s hop driven core, the haze craze is yet another classic East Coast vs West Coast battle a la Biggie vs Tupac, Death Row vs Bad Boy, the Lakers vs the Celtics. Melvin Brewing is known for heavy hitting West Coast style IPA’s like the 2x4, but in the spirit of […]