Behind the Shot: The Stay Tuned Can with Absinthe Films and The Snowboarder’s Journal


We want to get you tuned up but we want you to Stay Tuned (ie, handle your shit, go snowboarding.) Enter in a new winter celebration beer by Melvin Brewing in collaboration with Absinthe Films, named for the new flick …Stay Tuned. This Melvin pale ale retains its edge with hop flavor and lower alcohol, so it won’t impair your ability to get off the gondola. In honor of our title and tour sponsorship with Absinthe, we put a still from the movie on the can, featuring the infamous Melvin bus and rider Hans Mindnich. Find out from four key players how this epic shot came to be and grab a can of Stay Tuned aka the Wheaties box of Beers, breakfast of gd champions. Cans will be released on Wednesday at the film’s North American premiere in Denver. You might not be able to jib like Hans, but you can sure as hell drink like him.

Jeremy Tofte, Melvin Brewing Founder/Wannabe Can Model:

Absinthe has always been such an artistic film house… that’s what really drew me to collab with them for this beer, and why we let them run with the can design.

Absinthe puts time and effort into each shot… in a way that you just don’t see in other snowboard movies.

I’ve probably seen Resonance 20 times, and it doesn’t get old, you see something new every time.”

Justin Hostynek, Absinthe Founder/ Creative Force:

We don’t really direct shots, the riders do the directing. We just provide opportunities.

If riders want to take it up or take it to the next level, its up to them… we don’t tell them what to do, they are all self motivated.

We were all at Holy Bowly at Mt. Hood together, we had the bus, and it just so happens there’s this crazy rail at the top that goes all the way around, and couple of the riders started doing some jumps and tricks over the bus.”

Ben Shanks Kindlon, Managing Editor of The Snowboarder’s Journal/ Photographer with the Money Shot:

Ryan Finder, the filmer who is actually in the shot, mounted the rail that was already on the top of the bus and lined it up so we could make it a little bit more of a high consequence feature. It looked kind of sketchy from where I was standing, but we added a few more heapings of snow…

The runout wasn’t too long, so you definitely had to stomp your trick, or else you were gonna be sliding out onto the pavement, which is never fun.

I’ve seen some snowboard references, maybe a powder slash on a beer can, but I’ve definitely never seen a rail trick on a beer can. So that’s gonna be pretty f***ing cool.”

Hans Mindnich, Athlete/ Cover Boy:

Like two days before the shoot, I rolled my ankle really bad and didn’t ride, and then they set the bus up, and set the rail up. I taped my ankle to all hell, really reinforced that bad boy, two pairs of socks, this and that.

There were a few tries that really made me grit my teeth.

After we got a few shots I ripped my boot off and stuck my foot in the snow, but it was worth every little second.”

…Stay Tuned (see what we did there?!) for a full length interview with Hans as a part of our upcoming Melvin Athlete series and see him and the Melvin bus on the big screen at a premiere near you. If you’re in the Denver area, be one of the first to pop a top on our hoppy Stay Tuned deliciousness while jamming to Easy Giant at the North American film premiere; tickets here. Tune in and stay tuned up, amigos… we wouldn’t want you to ride thirsty.

Words by Michelle DeLong // Photos by Ben Shanks Kindlon @benkindlon