Warrying Empires

experiMENTAL Series — Hoppy Wheat with Buddha’s Hand

The unique artwork provided by our friend and collaborator RUMTUM inspired all processes of the beer in your hand. The Warrying Empires was a period of ancient China some 2300 years ago; the era when kites were first created. Some legends say kites were made strong enough to lift fully-grown people into the sky. We set out to make a beer to uplift your soul, and created this luminous wheat ale dry-hopped with Lotus and finished with a touch of Buddha’s hand fruit. The soft wheat body lets the hops and fruit shine with bright citrus and tropical creamsicle flavors, taking your palate on a delightful journey. Perfect for those breezy Spring days, let this latest Melvin brew lift your wings.

ABV: 6.0%