TGR Pils-gnar

A Teton Gravity Research & Melvin Brewing Collaboration

This newest collaboration in our lineup will have you sessioning brews like you session laps off the tram…the TGR Pils-gnar is inspired by, and built for, those who shred the gnar. Light and crisp with a medium-light body that says, I’m a local brah, TGR Pils-gnar uses slightly sweet malt under a canopy of bright, tangy, flowery hops to achieve an aroma that’s spicy and fruity at the same time.

Pils-gnar has a balanced finish that just begs another quaff…in the lot, on the chair, in the brewery, on the porch couch that should probably be burned at the end of the season. Light and sessionable…it’s Pils-gnarly bro!

4.5% ABV


Nick McNutt: The Skier On The Can


Music to shred & drink TGR Pils-Gnar to

We asked all of our brewery employees to collaborate on a Spotify playlist for TGR Pils-Gnar.

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