RIIPA — Rotational Imperial IPA series

Asterisk Imperial IPA


2x4’s award win­ning cousin. The * Impe­r­i­al IPA uses copi­ous amounts of mosa­ic hops that give this beer strong notes of trop­i­cal fruit, stone fruit, man­go and berries. Brewed with a blend of north­west 2-row, light crys­tal, mosa­ic hops and some stuff you don’t even know about.

ABV: 9%       IBU: 88

Drunken Master Imperial IPA


Born out of the Melvin R&D facil­i­ty on Wyoming’s West Coast, also known as the clos­et. Brewed with a blend of Colum­bus, Cit­ra and some Top-Secret hops left over from the great east vs. west hip hop bat­tles. Hopped with over 3 pounds per bar­rel. Drunk­en Mas­ter is the 2016 Nation­al IlPA Cham­pi­on. Sure to make you a Drunk­en Mas­ter if you con­sume too many of these bad boys. Cheers from the crew at Melvin. Please, only prac­tice your Karate after a four pack and bow to your sen­sei.

ABV: 9%       IBU: 75

Citradamus Imperial IPA


The great Cit­radamus pre­dicts this IIPA will be one of your favorites. Cit­radamus is Melvin’s world class IIPA brewed with 100% Cit­ra hops, pris­tine moun­tain water and north­west malt. Fla­vors of cit­rus (duh), pine and total dank­ness. Dry hopped with ludi­crous amounts of Cit­ra for that clas­sic hop­pi­ness that Melvin has become known for.

ABV: 9.5%       IBU: 76

Lambda Lambda Lambda Triple IPA


The crew at Melvin decid­ed to push their sys­tem to the max on all lev­els. Brewed with 4 plus lbs of Sim­coe and Mosa­ic hops per bar­rel then dou­ble dry hopped. Fla­vors of peach, stone fruit and herbal for­est. Sure to put you in the grav­el pit.

ABV: 13%       IBU: >100