Don’t F*ck Up The Rotation.

With the RIIPA series, Melvin Brewing brings you a ground-breaking rotational program. The next thing in our rotation is always the freshest, most innovative Melvin Imperial IPA. Six fresh RIIPA beers will be dropping in small batches throughout the year. As part of our Rotational Imperial IPA program, one Melvin RIIPA beer will be released in cans and on draft every two months in select markets through 2018.

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Jan-Mar    ABV: 9.5%    IBU: 88

Dear Enjoyer, The great Citradamus predicts that this will be the best IPA that you have ever had. Go ahead, put this beer up in your grill. Smell that? Those are hops. Citra hops. Dank-ass Citra to be exact. Your old favorite IPA does not have Citras? Why is that? Because they are wicked spendy and we bought them all, that’s why. Go ahead, yuck it up.

Chuck Morris

Mar-Apr    ABV: 8.0%    IBU: 98

Chuck Morris is a Double IPA that will roundhouse kick, karate chop and machine gun its way to your heart. Dry hopped to perfection, power-packed like its namesake, but as balanced as a fighter doing the splits. Make sure to stretch first!

Cloudy 5000

May-Jun    ABV: 8.0%    IBU: 60

We revved up the Melvin Machine and made things cloudy, and the haze selection turned out so well this year we had to make ours a double. We’re bringing New England to Wyoming like the powder days in Jackson do, and the result is a cashmere coated hop juice bomb for the Hazeheads. Until next time…Cloudy 5 Gs.

Hop Shocker

Jul-Aug    ABV: 8.0%    IBU: 95

Don’t touch me, ’cause I’m electric. And if you drink me, you’ll get SHOCKED! Experience pure uncut lupulin powder. In their clandestine lab, in the wild of Yakima, the crew processed Mosaic + Simcoe hops into alpha acid pow pow. The Melvin posse inhaled deep, and the legend of the Hop Shocker was born.

Drunken Master

Sep-Oct    ABV: 9.0%    IBU: 95

Dear Enjoyer, Like many breweries, ours has TVs. Melvin TVs play Kung Fu. When was the last time you watched a great Kung Fu movie while drinking a great IPA? Maybe it’s time to visit Wyoming. This limited release won the National Imperial India Pale Ale Championship in 2016.


Nov-Dec    ABV: 9.9%   IBU: 88

Dear Enjoyer, one year, at this great beer fest in America, we got a gold medal for 2x4. The next year, they did not let us enter the contest. So we decided to make a new beer from the future. That year’s winner will forever put an asterisk next to their gold medal. Brewed & dry-hopped with Mosaic.

RIIPA Videos

Chuck Morris

Drunken Master — Part 1

Drunken Master — Part 2

Hop Shocker

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