Rotational Imperial IPA series

Don’t F*ck Up The Rotation.

Rotational is the new seasonal.

With the RIIPA series, Melvin Brewing brings you a ground-breaking rotational program. The next thing in our rotation is always the freshest, most innovative Melvin Imperial IPA. Six fresh RIIPA beers will be dropping in small batches throughout the year. As part of our Rotational Imperial IPA program, one Melvin RIIPA beer will be released in cans and on draft every two months in select markets through 2018.

Crack the RIIPA


Chuck Morris


Drunken Master

Hop Shocker

Lambda Lambda Lambda IIPA

RIIPA 2018 Availability


January & FebruaryLambda Lambda Lambda
March & AprilDrunken Master
May & JuneCitradamus
July & AugustAsterisk
September & OctoberHop Shocker
November & DecemberChuck Morris


January & FebruaryCitradamus
March & AprilLambda Lambda Lambda
May & JuneHop Shocker
July & AugustChuck Morris
September & OctoberDrunken Master
November & DecemberAsterisk

Idaho & Wyoming

January & FebruaryLambda Lambda Lambda
March & AprilDrunken Master
May & JuneChuck Morris
July & AugustHop Shocker
September & OctoberCitradamus
November & DecemberAsterisk

New York

January & FebruaryDrunken Master
March & AprilCitradamus
May & JuneAsterisk
July & AugustChuck Morris
September & OctoberLambda Lambda Lambda
November & DecemberHop Shocker

Oregon & Utah

January & FebruaryHop Shocker
March & AprilChuck Morris
May & JuneLambda Lambda Lambda
July & AugustDrunken Master
September & OctoberAsterisk
November & DecemberCitradamus


January & FebruaryAsterisk
March & AprilHop Shocker
May & JuneDrunken Master
July & AugustCitradamus
September & OctoberChuck Morris
November & DecemberLambda Lambda Lambda

New Markets

As we continue our march towards the inevitable “intergalactic Melvin beer availability”, Melvin will be entering new markets in 2018 (and beyond). Due to tank space, lead times, packaging availability, and 37 other variables that we just frankly don’t have time to get into right now, these new markets will be getting RIIPA releases — but RIIPA will mean “Random Imperial IPA”.

*RIIPA release calendar is subject to change at any time.