Rota­tion­al Impe­r­i­al IPA series

Don’t F*ck Up The Rotation.

Rota­tion­al is the new sea­son­al.

With the RIIPA series, Melvin Brew­ing brings you a ground-break­ing rota­tion­al pro­gram. The next thing in our rota­tion is always the fresh­est, most inno­v­a­tive Melvin Impe­r­i­al IPA. Six fresh RIIPA beers will be drop­ping in small batch­es through­out the year. As part of our Rota­tion­al Impe­r­i­al IPA pro­gram, one Melvin RIIPA beer will be released in cans and on draft every two months in select mar­kets through 2018.

Crack the RIIPA


Chuck Morris


Drunken Master

Hop Shocker

Lambda Lambda Lambda IIPA

RIIPA 2018 Availability


Jan­u­ary & Feb­ru­aryLamb­da Lamb­da Lamb­da
March & AprilDrunk­en Mas­ter
May & JuneCit­radamus
July & AugustAster­isk
Sep­tem­ber & Octo­berHop Shock­er
Novem­ber & Decem­berChuck Mor­ris


Jan­u­ary & Feb­ru­aryCit­radamus
March & AprilLamb­da Lamb­da Lamb­da
May & JuneHop Shock­er
July & AugustChuck Mor­ris
Sep­tem­ber & Octo­berDrunk­en Mas­ter
Novem­ber & Decem­berAster­isk

Idaho & Wyoming

Jan­u­ary & Feb­ru­aryLamb­da Lamb­da Lamb­da
March & AprilDrunk­en Mas­ter
May & JuneChuck Mor­ris
July & AugustHop Shock­er
Sep­tem­ber & Octo­berCit­radamus
Novem­ber & Decem­berAster­isk

New York

Jan­u­ary & Feb­ru­aryDrunk­en Mas­ter
March & AprilCit­radamus
May & JuneAster­isk
July & AugustChuck Mor­ris
Sep­tem­ber & Octo­berLamb­da Lamb­da Lamb­da
Novem­ber & Decem­berHop Shock­er

Oregon & Utah

Jan­u­ary & Feb­ru­aryHop Shock­er
March & AprilChuck Mor­ris
May & JuneLamb­da Lamb­da Lamb­da
July & AugustDrunk­en Mas­ter
Sep­tem­ber & Octo­berAster­isk
Novem­ber & Decem­berCit­radamus


Jan­u­ary & Feb­ru­aryAster­isk
March & AprilHop Shock­er
May & JuneDrunk­en Mas­ter
July & AugustCit­radamus
Sep­tem­ber & Octo­berChuck Mor­ris
Novem­ber & Decem­berLamb­da Lamb­da Lamb­da

New Markets

As we con­tin­ue our march towards the inevitable “inter­galac­tic Melvin beer avail­abil­i­ty”, Melvin will be enter­ing new mar­kets in 2018 (and beyond). Due to tank space, lead times, pack­ag­ing avail­abil­i­ty, and 37 oth­er vari­ables that we just frankly don’t have time to get into right now, these new mar­kets will be get­ting RIIPA releas­es — but RIIPA will mean “Ran­dom Impe­r­i­al IPA”.

*RIIPA release cal­en­dar is sub­ject to change at any time.