TGR Pils-gnar

A Teton Grav­i­ty Research & Melvin Brew­ing Col­lab­o­ra­tion

This newest col­lab­o­ra­tion in our line­up will have you ses­sion­ing brews like you ses­sion laps off the tram…the TGR Pils-gnar is inspired by, and built for, those who shred the gnar. Light and crisp with a medi­um-light body that says, I’m a local brah, TGR Pils-gnar uses slight­ly sweet malt under a canopy of bright, tangy, flow­ery hops to achieve an aro­ma that’s spicy and fruity at the same time.

Pils-gnar has a bal­anced fin­ish that just begs anoth­er quaff…in the lot, on the chair, in the brew­ery, on the porch couch that should prob­a­bly be burned at the end of the sea­son. Light and sessionable…it’s Pils-gnarly bro!

4.5% ABV


Nick McNutt: The Skier On The Can


Music to shred & drink TGR Pils-Gnar to

We asked all of our brew­ery employ­ees to col­lab­o­rate on a Spo­ti­fy playlist for TGR Pils-Gnar.