Periodic Series

A new series of limited releases from Melvin coming at you three times per year, focusing on more sessionable, less-hoppy beer styles. Expect expertly crafted beers with complex malt profiles, subtle hop additions for balance, and just the right amount of fermentation time.

Chamber Music

Dark Lager    ABV: 5.0%

From the land that brought us the famous Pilsner, comes another beer style called Tmavy. This less heralded dark lager (or lezák), is smooth and subtle, a beautifully balanced ode to malt. With just enough roast and noble hops to counter the sweet toasted malt, this classical concoction might make you rethink what a dark beer can be. Pairs well with goulash, bars, bow ties, and string sections.

Miss Defy

Kölsch   ABV: 6.0%

Every March, the women of Melvin Brewing get together to brew a beer in celebration of International Women’s Day. The 2021 batch was so impressive we just had to revisit it for Melvin drinkers everywhere! This refreshing Kölsch brings aromas of dough, jasmine and honey, followed by subtle flavors of minerality and bitterness from the noble Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Enjoy this balanced beverage for after work hangs, post-adventure thirst quenching, or however you damn well please.


Robust Porter    ABV: 6.0%

As we combined all the juice from the mind, our brewers created this robust porter with roasted malt, oats and midnight wheat, then a touch of hops for balance. The end result is smooth as a jazz sample, but roars like a Dungeon Dragon. We’re not only warming palates with this beer, but with the proceeds we’re also working with charities in our territories to warm bodies, providing jackets for those in need with a little help from our friends at Kühl®. No batteries included, and no strings attached.