Heyzeus Mexican Style Lager



Resist! As in, ”how can you resist this crisp & refresh­ing Mex­i­can style lager, specif­i­cal­ly made for mor­tals?“ It’s heav­en on earth, a place where love comes first. It’s like thun­der & light­ning, the way it drinks is fright­en­ing. Say ”adios“ to beer geeks and ”opa!“ to cerveza Greeks. Lis­ten to the sound of Heyzeus’ mari­achi Zep­pelin cov­er band, Mar­tillo de los Dios­es, they are break­ing down walls in craft beer.

ABV: 5.2%

La Música Más Fantástica

Since Heyzeus is music to your taste­buds, it made per­fect sense to devel­op a Spo­ti­fy playlist that would be some music to your ears. So kick back and sip on Heyzeus, a beer that’s halfway between awe­some & fan­tas­tic, always with the qual­i­ty you expect from the great Cerve­cería de Melvin.

Heyzeus Launch Parties



Fri­day, August 18th
Finn’s Manor
2927 Larimer Street, Den­ver
7 p.m. onward

DJs spin­ning hip hop and Latin music mashups



Fri­day, August 18th
Buck­man Pub­lic House
1310 SE Stark Street, Port­land
5 p.m.

Pig Roast, Slip n Slides, Sand, Heyzeus cans, & Fes­tive Music


Fri­day, August 11th
Pre Funk Boise
1100 W Front Street
Boise, Ida­ho
6 p.m.

Sword fight­ing with swords made of Heyzeus cans and duct tape. 


Fri­day, August 18th
Spe­cial Brews
14608 WA-99, Ste 307
Lyn­nwood, WA
11a.m.-9 p.m.

Melvin Wall­bangers: three raf­fles over the course of the day to run through a wall of emp­ty beer cans, the biggest and best being the last.  “El Mago Mejor”: an all day con­test of cus­tomiz­ing your very own wiz­ard-staff to be vot­ed on BY the staff of spe­cial brews.  And, of course, some very spe­cial chips n sal­sa arrange­ments.

Heyzeus Sell Sheet