Melvin Brewing’s 2x4 DIPA Recipe Sold to InBev


UPDATE 04/01/16 3:30PM MST  Hap­py April Fools! 

Ok, time to talk. Look, we said some stuff this morn­ing… Stuff we didn’t real­ly mean. We just got car­ried away with the hol­i­day spir­it and our cans launch­ing in Col­orado! We’re so sor­ry, we’re total jerks. Do you hate us? Just get it out now and let it go. Now, to clear things up:

Fact: Melvin cans of 2x4, Melvin IPA and Hubert MPA are avail­able now in Col­orado and Jack­son Hole!
Fic­tion: We sold 2x4 to a big bev­er­age cor­po­ra­tion (We nev­er will) can pro­duc­tion is halt­ing and prices are increas­ing.

Fact: Melvin cans will be avail­able in Wash­ing­ton next week, Ida­ho lat­er this month and oth­er places soon. Not near you? Yell at us and your neigh­bor­hood craft beer leader enough and we’ll try to make hap­pen.
Fic­tion: Peo­ple quit the brew­ery, bought PT Losers and are mov­ing to Phoenix.

All-Good? Now let’s go drink some beer! Don’t hate, Par­ty!

Alley Beer! Pho­to cred­it: Kim Chan­dler



InBev plans to rebrand award win­ning beer as an ultra-pre­mi­um offer­ing, halts cur­rent can pro­duc­tion.

April 1, 2016 (Alpine, Wy) — Today Melvin Brew­ing, brew­ers of fine craft beer, announce the sale of their award win­ning 2x4 DIPA recipe to InBev. Melvin’s 2x4 will be rebrand­ed as a pre­mi­um offer­ing under a yet to be announced brand with­in the InBev High Roller port­fo­lio. The recipe sale has halt­ed cur­rent can­ning oper­a­tions at Melvin, as new own­ers iden­ti­fy choice bot­tling options. Many Melvin exec­u­tives plan to leave the com­pa­ny to focus on new ven­tures.

One of the first and only cans of the award win­ning 2x4 avail­able.

I couldn’t be more excit­ed about this recipe sale, I laugh at the oth­er sell outs that had to part with their entire brew­ery, all we had to do was sell one recipe” says Kirk McHale, Co-founder of Melvin. “I’m just wait­ing for the check so I can throw away my snow­board, buy a PT Cruis­er, and spend lots of time relax­ing pool­side at a coun­try club in Phoenix, AZ. I’m sure our 2x4 is in car­ing hands with our car­ing mega-corp friends.”

Melvin Brew­ing orig­i­nal­ly start­ed as a small brew­pub in the back of a Thai restau­rant in Jack­son, Wyoming. In 2015 the brew­ery expand­ed into a full scale brew­ing oper­a­tion in near­by Alpine, Wyoming. Their cur­rent beer line­up is high­light­ed by the recent­ly sold, 2x4 DIPA; Hubert MPA, Melvin IPA, Killer Bee’s Ale, Clin­ic ISA and a revolv­ing line­up of col­lab­o­ra­tions and one-offs includ­ing Bro­sa­ic IPA (do you even dry hop bro?), Lamb­da Triple IPA and Heyzeus Mex­i­can Lager. The 2x4 became a high­ly-cov­et­ed recipe after win­ning a GABF Gold Medal, WBC Gold and Hop­Union Alpha King award, twice. The brew­ery recent­ly start­ed offer­ing 2x4, Hubert and Melvin IPA in a can, but has halt­ed 2x4 pro­duc­tion as the InBev sale was exer­cised.

I see this as a mega win for big-beer,” explains Fredrik West­er­field, CFO of InBev. “We final­ly have the best DIPA on the plan­et and plan to dis­trib­ute it accord­ing­ly. We plan to com­plete­ly rebrand 2x4. You’ll see no more 4-pack cans of this fine beer. Think design­er, like Louis Vuit­ton or Pra­da. We plan to dis­trib­ute import­ed French corked bot­tles only, for a pre­mi­um price. This plan will guar­an­tee a craft brewed image and max­i­mum prof­it for our share­hold­ers in a way only big bev­er­age com­pa­nies can accom­plish.”

Terms of the agree­ment have not been dis­closed. Lim­it­ed cans of 2x4 and Melvin IPA at the cur­rent price are still avail­able select Col­orado liquor stores. Get them while you can!

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  1. Seb April 1, 2016 Reply

    No way! WTF!
    .… hap­py April Fool’s Melvin

  2. Donna Allison April 1, 2016 Reply

    I hope you can go to where ever you want.. And be in an area that I can come see you. Love you Don­na. This is for Kirk.

  3. Vic April 2, 2016 Reply

    Cheyenne, Wyoming and Mon­tana please haha

  4. Jed June 14, 2016 Reply

    Will it suf­fer a slow death of stale bar­ley & hops ?

  5. Craig b. August 21, 2016 Reply

    CAN we please get killer bee’s in cans.….. like soon?

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