Gems of the West: An Alpine Wyoming Taproom

A brew­ery in Alpine Wyoming is call­ing and I must go.

Melvin’s Alpine Brew­ery Tap­room passed it’s month long tri­al, so now it’s get­ting a prop­er pub­lic launch! Brew­ery tap­rooms are a pret­ty neat thing if you think about it… Words that come to mind, beer, beer in tanks, food truck, hip, hip­sters, hip­pies, smells, lots of smells. Melvin’s new tap­room is not just pret­ty neat it’s ultra neat. Why you ask? Well chew on this…

  • It’s remote. What do you know about Alpine, Wy? What do you know about the mod­ern cow­boy? Not much. Well our brew­ery and its tap­room is locat­ed in the mid­dle of nowhere in the least pop­u­lat­ed state in the nation, BUT, sur­round­ed by some beau­ti­ful lakes and moun­tains. It’s a des­ti­na­tion! Quotes like, ” Went for the Tetons, stayed for the Melvin” are appro­pri­ate here and have great dad shirt poten­tial.
  • Beach Front. Melvin’s Mega-Church Brew­ery is locat­ed on a few acre penin­su­la divid­ing the Snake Riv­er and Pal­isade Reser­voir. We have a beer beach, you can white­wa­ter raft or boat to our brew­ery. Nough said, get in the water.

Next Fri­day, Melvin will be cel­e­brat­ing it’s Alpine Brew­ery Tap­room open­ing with a week­end full of events. Melvin beers, aquat­ics and food trucks includ­ed.

Fri­day August 5 — Brew­ery Par­ty. Beach. Ping-Pong and assort­ed par­ty games. Taco food truck start­ing at 2PM and DJ at 5PM.

Sat­ur­day August 6 — Snake Riv­er Tub­ing fundrais­er for Lucky’s Place Ani­mal Shel­ter. $20 or a 20lbs dona­tion of pet food gets you a tube shut­tle, growler fill of Killer Bees and entry into a prize give­away. All pro­ceeds ben­e­fit Lucky’s Place Ani­mal Shel­ter. Event starts at 2PM. Taco food truck start­ing at 2PM and DJ at 5PM.

Sun­day August 7 — Open mic par­ty and piz­za start­ing at 3PM.

For more infor­ma­tion about Melvin’s Alpine Tap­room click here.


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