Welcome To Melvin Brewing!


This is the begin­ning of your won­der­ful new, Kung Fu friend­ship between our brew fam­i­ly and all beer lovers alike. Talk of Melvin began on the Cal­i­for­nia West coast — but the heart of Melvin start­ed beat­ing in the small moun­tain town of Jack­son Hole, Wyoming.

With big ideas and even big­ger bar­rels of hops, Melvin now takes off in the hands of Co-Founder/­Field Hop­er­a­tive — Jere­my Tofte, Co-Founder/­Head Don­key — Kirk McHale, and Head Pro­duc­tion Brew­er — Dave Chichu­ra. Let’s get to it. Thai Me Up Restau­rant, the orig­i­nal home of Melvin Brew­ing, was already known for its world class beer. Melvin is now expand­ing from a 3bbl to a 30bbl sys­tem after win­ning two medals at the World Beer Cup ear­li­er this year: A gold in the Impe­r­i­al India Pale Ale cat­e­go­ry for its 2x4 and a bronze in the fruit beer cat­e­go­ry for its Chchchch-Cher­ry Bomb. Our pro­duc­tion brew­ery and moth­er­ship tap­room is in Alpine, Wyoming and we’ve got a brew­pub in Belling­ham, Wash­ing­ton.