Super-Spiffy Amazing Beer Finder™

We can’t be Melvin and you can’t be happy unless you’re living a well rounded and fulfilling life that involves a bunch of the kickass beer we make, like everyday. We hooked up this sick map below to make sure you know how to get the beer you need, use it, be stoked, live life to the emptiest with us.

Once you use the search below, you’re basically now contractually required to drop everything you’re doing and head out to pick up the aforementioned Melvin beer. Immediately. Don’t drive if you’re drunk, though — remember that your sober friends are just a phone call, text, or Instagram DM away (you can also try yelling loudly if that’s your style). If all else fails, feel free to tweet the Wu Tang Clan and ask for a ride.

Sometimes our Beer Finder doesn’t work properly because of certain reporting glitches in various territories. We’re available in most major metropolitan areas around the West, and a handful in the Midwest and East, so if your search doesn’t turn up results, feel free to contact us and we can let you know where the closest Melvin beer lives.

Welcome to Melvin Brewing!

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