Friday, February 4, 2022

2x4 is the granddaddy of all things Melvin. It’s the best damn DIPA in the world, having won the triple crown of GABF, WBC and Alpha King. Six years ago we decided to dedicate a day to celebrating its glory the Melvin way.

What started out as a true Melvin party, where we take over a bar in your town and turn it into a replica of our bar (ninjas, kung fu, hip hop, 2x4, MADNESS), has turned into the greatest single day in human history.We like to party, you like to party, and despite all the craziness of the past two years, we’re excited to bring 2x4 Day back where it belongs: at our favorite craft beer bars shared with our favorite people! Mark your calendars for 2x4 Day on Friday, February 4, 2022.

2x4 Day Throwback Videos

2019 2x4 Day At Independent Ale House

Melvin’s 2x4 Day is Groundhog Day! Part 1

Melvin’s 2x4 Day is Groundhog Day! Part 2

Melvin’s 2x4 Day is Groundhog Day! Part 3

Melvin’s 2x4 Day is Groundhog Day! Part 4

Melvin’s 2x4 Day is Groundhog Day! Part 5

Melvin’s 2x4 Day is Groundhog Day! Part 6

What to Expect

As always, this is the day you embrace you’re inner ninja, drink 2x4 and wear that old karate uniform that has been collecting dust in your closet. This is the day you let go of your adulthood and embody the kung-fu master within.

Curious about what to expect? Read below for details!

  • 2x4 “find your beer” local support
  • New beer release special to National 2x4 Day
  • New exclusive 2x4 Day merch will be on our webstore
  • & more surprises as we get closer to February 4th

Official 2022 2x4 Day Bars:


The Mothership — Alpine, WY
Gaslight Social — Casper, WY


Backcountry Pizza — Boulder, CO
Backcountry Pizza — Nederland, CO
Romero’s K9 Club — Lafayette, CO
Hops & Pie — Denver, CO
Tap & Handle — Fort Collins, CO
Parker Pour House — Parker, CO


Valley Public House — Happy Valley, OR


Edison’s Pub — Cleveland, OH


The Regal Beagle — San Diego, CA


The Handlebar — Boise, ID
Hops & Bottles — Boise, ID
Tap N Fill — Idaho Falls, ID


iTap Soulard — St. Louis, MO


The Angry Goat — Ogden, UT


Hop Scotch — Tokyo


Do you want to get noticed? Post a video in your best Melvin ninja wear and get creative. Do you build human pyramids with your friends in your spare time? Do you have a secret ninja move and 2x4 chug you’ve been waiting to reveal on social media? Hashtag #2x4day, wear your Melvin gear and make sure to get that can of 2x4 in the shot for your chance to get noticed. We’ll have our eyes peeled for the most creative content and you might be contacted for some future secret projects and fun.