2x4 Reasons to Get Rowdy

Copy of RockOnElephant

By Michelle DeLong

Craft beer lovers, kung-fu enthusiasts, and weeknight revelers unite because today is International 2x4 Day. It’s kind of like Melvin’s hoppiversary, and this year we are going bigger, harder, faster, stronger than ever before. How many hop puns can we fit into one blog post? TRY US. We’re also pretty good at math and we figured  2x4= 8 nuggets of wisdom about our homegrown holiday, so grab your ninja attire and get with it. Speaking of math, 2x4 Day has historically taken place on Feb 4th, but this year we went international and flipped the script. Just like the metric system and driving on the other side of the road, they do things differently across the pond, you feel us?



1. Tap takeovers are nice, but Melvin is mean. Just ask Ted the Sales Guru, who says, “2x4 Day is more than a tap takeover, it’s us putting all of our favorite beers on tap and then throwing a party the way we like to throw a party. There’s gonna be kung fu on the tv screen and hip hop on the radio. It’s us having fun the way we like to have fun, and letting people decide if they like how we party.” So come come, check it out, and decide for yourself. It’s a free country.

2. Like any good origin story, 2x4 Day is shrouded by mystery and intrigue. Nobody really knows who invented 2x4 Day. Some call it immaculate conception. Some call it inspired collaboration. If we know, we ain’t sayin’, but lets just put it this way: 2x4 Day arose from the bottom of a pint glass and erupted in spontaneous fermentation.

3. Crack 5 RIIPAs at the. Same. Time. We dare you. 2x4 Day is your only opportunity to try all of Melvin’s rotational double IPAs in one place.… except Lambda. At 13%, he needs his own party. So pick a favorite, whether it be the Citradamus, Asterisk, Chuck Morris, Hopshocker, or Drunken Master. Try to be hipper, drink all 5 RIIPAs.

4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan says don’t hate, party. The original 2X4 Man is WWE legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and there couldn’t possibly be a better spokesperson for fervent self expression, for body slamming people who need a good body slamming, and for telling the world about 2x4 Day. Melvin won some titles, Hacksaw won some titles, so it was a match made in heaven.

5. The legend of the 4x8 is way hardcore.  2x4 Day is your chance to try the 4x8 along with five RIIPAs under one roof, Melvin family reunion style. According to taproom lore, the creation of the 4x8 was an accident, like many great works of genius. One of the brewers at Thai Me Up had one too many and forgot to write down that he had dry hopped the 2x4, and founder Jeremy Tofte dumped in another dry hop schedule the very next day. Just like that, the 4x8 was born.

6. It’s Monday, and it’s a beer party. That’s all. Wtf else have you got going? Stash the TPS reports and high tail it to a participating bar near you.

7. This year we’re going international. Tofte explains why he’s got brews in different area codes: “2x4 Day was bound to break the border of the USA because there are craft beer drinkers all over the world, and we couldn’t keep this from them. We felt a duty and a responsibility to party everywhere that the party is needed. It’s needed overseas now, so we go over and we bring kickass American craft beer to people who are thirsty for it. You’re welcome.” This year,  we will celebrate 2x4 Day in bars across the US, Thailand, Japan, Austraila and the UK.

8. With great parties, comes great responsibility. What started out as a lighthearted ruckus has morphed into a crusade for craft breweries everywhere, and for the preservation of consumer’s choice in the beer industry. We recognize that this fight is way bigger than just Melvin, and we’re trying to unite all of craft beer against big beer corporations who want to take craft breweries off the market one by one. Let’s use 2x4 Day day as a chance to band together, get rowdy, and make some noise before big beer crushes craft. Down with WorldBev!



Alright, so where’s the party at? Read on for the lowdown on what’s going on at our brewpubs and participating bars.

Thai Me Up, Jackson, WY: At TMU, every day is 2x4 Day, madness, kung fu, and hip hop included. We will have 2x4 on special for $5, $3 MBR, RIIPAs on tap, and supa specials on tap like Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb, McGirts, RIIPAs, Coffee Dubsak.

Melvin Brewing, Alpine Taproom: Our mothership taproom and brewery will feature specials on the 2x4,  a beer pong tournament, a DJ blasting hip hop, and wild costumes of all sorts.

Melvin Brewpub, Bellingham: Melvingham is serving up happy hour food and drink specials alongside games like  2x4 big block jenga, ninja throwing stars, and hammerschlagen. Enter the raffle for a chance to get kitted out in Melvin shwag or win a martial arts gift card.

Frontier Brewing, located in Casper, WY is using 2x4 Day to raise money for local nonprofits Restoration Food Pantry and Pink Boots Society Wyoming. Party for a cause to live music by Brock Finn, and if they reach the  fundraising goal, they’ll toss you a free Melvin can for a giant toast at 9 PM.

Accomplice Beer Company in Cheyenne, WY is bringing the  Wu-Tang and kung fu in such full force, rumor has it the Melvin crew is captaining the party bus and cruising over for a guest appearance.

Romero’s K9 Club and Taphouse in Lafayette, CO is throwing down this year with a live hip hop dj set, drunken origami (what?!), slingshot paintball tic tac toe, and some ninja surprises thrown in.

Tap and Handle in Fort Collins, CO will feature 15 beers on tap, a Wu-Tang tuba player, and a raffle for a Melvin pizza party. The winner even gets to cruise around with the Melvin crew for the rest of the evening in the Melvin party bus.

Backcountry Pizza & Taphouse in Boulder, CO, and Star Bar in Denver, CO will both turn up in Melvin shwag, RIIPA’s on tap, and a Wu-Tang tuba player.

The Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar in Buena Vista, Colorado is feeding you DIIPA all night long via shotskis, shotguns, and classic pints. What else would you expect from the highest altitude 2x4 party in the world at 8,000 ft?

ChurchKey, located in Washington, DC tracked down a Wu-Tang playing  bag piper for your auditory pleasure.

The Valley Growlers in Happy Valley, Oregon is hosting an a cappella group singing Wu-Tang songs and a martial arts team that will be breaking breaking boards and causing mayhem at 5pm.

Belmont Station, Johns Marketplace, and N.W.I.P.A located in Portland, Oregon will dial in the madness with plentiful Melvin swag, ninja costumes, and an a cappella group singing Wu-tang. Epic.