2x4 Reasons to Get Rowdy

Copy of RockOnElephant

By Michelle DeLong

Craft beer lovers, kung-fu enthu­si­asts, and week­night rev­el­ers unite because today is Inter­na­tion­al 2x4 Day. It’s kind of like Melvin’s hop­piver­sary, and this year we are going big­ger, hard­er, faster, stronger than ever before. How many hop puns can we fit into one blog post? TRY US. We’re also pret­ty good at math and we fig­ured  2x4= 8 nuggets of wis­dom about our home­grown hol­i­day, so grab your nin­ja attire and get with it. Speak­ing of math, 2x4 Day has his­tor­i­cal­ly tak­en place on Feb 4th, but this year we went inter­na­tion­al and flipped the script. Just like the met­ric sys­tem and dri­ving on the oth­er side of the road, they do things dif­fer­ent­ly across the pond, you feel us?



1. Tap takeovers are nice, but Melvin is mean. Just ask Ted the Sales Guru, who says, “2x4 Day is more than a tap takeover, it’s us putting all of our favorite beers on tap and then throw­ing a par­ty the way we like to throw a par­ty. There’s gonna be kung fu on the tv screen and hip hop on the radio. It’s us hav­ing fun the way we like to have fun, and let­ting peo­ple decide if they like how we par­ty.” So come come, check it out, and decide for your­self. It’s a free coun­try.

2. Like any good ori­gin sto­ry, 2x4 Day is shroud­ed by mys­tery and intrigue. Nobody real­ly knows who invent­ed 2x4 Day. Some call it immac­u­late con­cep­tion. Some call it inspired col­lab­o­ra­tion. If we know, we ain’t sayin’, but lets just put it this way: 2x4 Day arose from the bot­tom of a pint glass and erupt­ed in spon­ta­neous fer­men­ta­tion.

3. Crack 5 RIIPAs at the. Same. Time. We dare you. 2x4 Day is your only oppor­tu­ni­ty to try all of Melvin’s rota­tion­al dou­ble IPAs in one place.… except Lamb­da. At 13%, he needs his own par­ty. So pick a favorite, whether it be the Cit­radamus, Aster­isk, Chuck Mor­ris, Hop­shock­er, or Drunk­en Mas­ter. Try to be hip­per, drink all 5 RIIPAs.

4. Hack­saw Jim Dug­gan says don’t hate, par­ty. The orig­i­nal 2X4 Man is WWE leg­end Hack­saw Jim Dug­gan, and there couldn’t pos­si­bly be a bet­ter spokesper­son for fer­vent self expres­sion, for body slam­ming peo­ple who need a good body slam­ming, and for telling the world about 2x4 Day. Melvin won some titles, Hack­saw won some titles, so it was a match made in heav­en.

5. The leg­end of the 4x8 is way hard­core.  2x4 Day is your chance to try the 4x8 along with five RIIPAs under one roof, Melvin fam­i­ly reunion style. Accord­ing to tap­room lore, the cre­ation of the 4x8 was an acci­dent, like many great works of genius. One of the brew­ers at Thai Me Up had one too many and for­got to write down that he had dry hopped the 2x4, and founder Jere­my Tofte dumped in anoth­er dry hop sched­ule the very next day. Just like that, the 4x8 was born.

6. It’s Mon­day, and it’s a beer par­ty. That’s all. Wtf else have you got going? Stash the TPS reports and high tail it to a par­tic­i­pat­ing bar near you.

7. This year we’re going inter­na­tion­al. Tofte explains why he’s got brews in dif­fer­ent area codes: “2x4 Day was bound to break the bor­der of the USA because there are craft beer drinkers all over the world, and we couldn’t keep this from them. We felt a duty and a respon­si­bil­i­ty to par­ty every­where that the par­ty is need­ed. It’s need­ed over­seas now, so we go over and we bring kick­ass Amer­i­can craft beer to peo­ple who are thirsty for it. You’re wel­come.” This year,  we will cel­e­brate 2x4 Day in bars across the US, Thai­land, Japan, Aus­traila and the UK.

8. With great par­ties, comes great respon­si­bil­i­ty. What start­ed out as a light­heart­ed ruckus has mor­phed into a cru­sade for craft brew­eries every­where, and for the preser­va­tion of consumer’s choice in the beer indus­try. We rec­og­nize that this fight is way big­ger than just Melvin, and we’re try­ing to unite all of craft beer against big beer cor­po­ra­tions who want to take craft brew­eries off the mar­ket one by one. Let’s use 2x4 Day day as a chance to band togeth­er, get row­dy, and make some noise before big beer crush­es craft. Down with World­Bev!



Alright, so where’s the par­ty at? Read on for the low­down on what’s going on at our brew­pubs and par­tic­i­pat­ing bars.

Thai Me Up, Jack­son, WY: At TMU, every day is 2x4 Day, mad­ness, kung fu, and hip hop includ­ed. We will have 2x4 on spe­cial for $5, $3 MBR, RIIPAs on tap, and supa spe­cials on tap like Ch-Ch-Cher­ry Bomb, McGirts, RIIPAs, Cof­fee Dub­sak.

Melvin Brew­ing, Alpine Tap­room: Our moth­er­ship tap­room and brew­ery will fea­ture spe­cials on the 2x4,  a beer pong tour­na­ment, a DJ blast­ing hip hop, and wild cos­tumes of all sorts.

Melvin Brew­pub, Belling­ham: Melv­ing­ham is serv­ing up hap­py hour food and drink spe­cials along­side games like  2x4 big block jen­ga, nin­ja throw­ing stars, and ham­mer­schla­gen. Enter the raf­fle for a chance to get kit­ted out in Melvin shwag or win a mar­tial arts gift card.

Fron­tier Brew­ing, locat­ed in Casper, WY is using 2x4 Day to raise mon­ey for local non­prof­its Restora­tion Food Pantry and Pink Boots Soci­ety Wyoming. Par­ty for a cause to live music by Brock Finn, and if they reach the  fundrais­ing goal, they’ll toss you a free Melvin can for a giant toast at 9 PM.

Accom­plice Beer Com­pa­ny in Cheyenne, WY is bring­ing the  Wu-Tang and kung fu in such full force, rumor has it the Melvin crew is cap­tain­ing the par­ty bus and cruis­ing over for a guest appear­ance.

Romero’s K9 Club and Tap­house in Lafayette, CO is throw­ing down this year with a live hip hop dj set, drunk­en origa­mi (what?!), sling­shot paint­ball tic tac toe, and some nin­ja sur­pris­es thrown in.

Tap and Han­dle in Fort Collins, CO will fea­ture 15 beers on tap, a Wu-Tang tuba play­er, and a raf­fle for a Melvin piz­za par­ty. The win­ner even gets to cruise around with the Melvin crew for the rest of the evening in the Melvin par­ty bus.

Back­coun­try Piz­za & Tap­house in Boul­der, CO, and Star Bar in Den­ver, CO will both turn up in Melvin shwag, RIIPA’s on tap, and a Wu-Tang tuba play­er.

The Jail­house Craft Beer Bar in Bue­na Vista, Col­orado is feed­ing you DIIPA all night long via shot­skis, shot­guns, and clas­sic pints. What else would you expect from the high­est alti­tude 2x4 par­ty in the world at 8,000 ft?

ChurchKey, locat­ed in Wash­ing­ton, DC tracked down a Wu-Tang play­ing  bag piper for your audi­to­ry plea­sure.

The Val­ley Growlers in Hap­py Val­ley, Ore­gon is host­ing an a cap­pel­la group singing Wu-Tang songs and a mar­tial arts team that will be break­ing break­ing boards and caus­ing may­hem at 5pm.

Bel­mont Sta­tion, Johns Mar­ket­place, and N.W.I.P.A locat­ed in Port­land, Ore­gon will dial in the mad­ness with plen­ti­ful Melvin swag, nin­ja cos­tumes, and an a cap­pel­la group singing Wu-tang. Epic.